At this Business Breakfast you have the opportunity to meet new business connections through the proven popular safari networking. The relaxed but structured format offers guests the opportunity to move around the room and form connections with new business contacts from a wide range of industry sectors. This event is perfect for anyone who is looking to raise their profile across the business community and extend their network of business contacts.

What is Safari Networking?
You will move around three different tables, taking two minutes at each one to make those initial introductions with everyone and explain what sets your business apart from its competitors. For the tables you don’t meet on your circuit, there is time for additional networking over breakfast rolls and coffee.

After the breakfast, Kirsten Smith, HR Consultant, will be presenting on the importance of workplace wellbeing. With 15.2 million sick days each year in the UK due to stress, anxiety or depression, Kirsten will be explaining the benefits of a workplace wellbeing strategy and sharing low and no-cost ways of improving your employees’ health and mental health, which in turn can help your business thrive.

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