Cambridge Network will run two sessions where informed leaders will talk about vital topics and encourage business engagement. This event is preceded by a discussion on local devolution also at the Cambridge Union.

Devolution from 4pm

From 4.00- 5.30pm Leaders who have been involved in Devolution negotiations to this point will explain the current deal and the decisions to be made over the next few weeks. This is an extension to the Europe meeting because of the Chancellor’s announcement in the Budget.

Europe from 6pm

This event is not a hustings but will give us more information and should help progress the debate as we work out the best way forward. This event should be of interest to anyone of voting age wishing to find out more about Europe, regardless of political affiliation.

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave it?
With the forthcoming EU referendum scheduled for 23rd June 2016, there is much speculation on how the vote may go and how far-reaching the impact of Britain leaving the EU could be. The discussion and balance of views will continue to shift up to the vote and the outcome is far from clear. This is a major shake-up in Britain’s economic and political history.

Lord Green has been active in both international trade and finance at the highest levels, and his experience of the inner workings of banking and parliament make him a knowledgeable speaker on Europe. Lord Green currently sits on the EU Select Committee in the House of Lords and is also an ordained priest. This talk and the discussion that follows may help you to make an informed choice in June’s referendum.

Cambridge Network’s Business Lecture speaker for March is Lord Stephen Green, former Minister of State for Trade and Investment and Group Chairman of HSBC Group. He is a Conservative Life Peer, sitting in the House of Lords since 2010.

Lord Green currently sits on the EU Internal Market Sub-Committee (since June 2015) and the European Union Committee (since June 2015).