The Leader of Cambridge City Council, Councillor Lewis Herbert, is inviting business people in Cambridge to a business briefing on the budgetary situation and future plans at the City Council to 2020 and beyond, by which time the Council will be operating without core Government grant.

The Leader will set out the challenges and pressures facing the Council as it seeks to maintain and improve services for residents, businesses and others, and its role in supporting the sustainable growth in the local economy, including through the Devolution Deal being considered by all Cambridgeshire Councils and Peterborough that week, and the City Deal.

Councillor Herbert will also explain the City Council’s strategy for meeting those challenges and pressures, expanding on the Efficiency Plan set out in the Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy.

Lewis would also be very keen then to hear views on the Council’s strategy, and to discuss this with you.  This is an opportunity to hear the Leader set out the Council’s plans, but also to help shape the City Council’s budget strategy and thinking going forward.

Light refreshments will be available from 5.00pm on the landing outside the Council Chamber.

Space is limited and seats will need to be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please RSVP to reserve a seat by 28 October to Kathy Brown, Executive Assistant to the Leader and Councillors, via