Have you considered protecting your AI inventions? 

Join Cambridge Wireless for up-to-date practical advice on the value of a patent portfolio in the ever-changing world of AI.

About the event

As more and more companies incorporate AI into their R&D programs, this session aims to help you understand how to protect developments in this area.

Experience is a great teacher so you will hear from Phil Claridge at Mandrel Systems, one of CW’s AI SIG Champions, about various IP issues and crossover questions that companies may face in machine learning, AI and the legal domain.

Data is a key element for a successful implementation and Mark Pearce from Mills & Reeve will discuss important issues associated with data.

A less well-explored option for adding value is IP insurance and Hannah Beaumont from La Playa will give insights into how to enforce your IP rights.

There will be also networking over drinks after the event.


  • Hannah Beaumont – (FIRM) Director: Corporate at La Playa Science & technology
  • Phil Claridge – Founder, Mandrel Systems
  • Julia Gwilt – Partner, Appleyard Lees IP LLP
  • Mark Pearce – Partner, Mills & Reeve LLP

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