A free no-jargon intensive marketing event featuring seminars and guest speakers designed to help you build your marketing strategy for 2018.

Modern marketing has removed many of the barriers businesses face reaching potential customers in a practical and affordable way.

The trick is you need to know where to focus and what is working and implement it consistently.

The morning of talks by marketing specialists and business owners will give you an overview of the different aspects of marketing in 2018 and beyond.

Confirmed Topics

  • Creating your 2018 Marketing Strategy
  • How to generate ROI on Social Media (including social media ads)
  • How to use video content without becoming Steven Spielberg
  • Exposing five myths about PR
  • How to win the battle for search engine marketing
  • How to market you business within the law (GDPR)
  • The value of merchandise in a digital world
  • How to get the most from exhibitions
  • running and attending business events to build your sales  pipeline
Business Stories
  • Generating £100k  in business in three months on social media in then construction industry
  • How to launch a restaurant brand without a website

Confirmed Speakers

  • Kristian Downer – DowSocial
  • Sabine Raabe – Biscuit PR
  • Nathan Haines – Element 26 (videography)
  • Alex Curtis – Lead Engine
  • Edward Smith – Sphere RHSM/ Peterborough Biscuit
  • Christopher Smith – Vibrant Colour
  • Angus Holdsworth – Andun

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