If you  need to develop your management skills but don’t have time for an MBA, then ‘Micromastery’ could be for you. Robert Twigger observed that learning small things, often, can be especially effective. This event will explain how you can apply ‘Micromastery’ in your working day and develop you skills over time. 

Learning is food for you, at any age and learning anything – whether it’s an instrument or language; learning at work or at home, ‘brain training’ can give you a sense of purpose, be good for your self-confidence and it often connects you with others. In management you often need to upskill rapidly and it can take time to embed formal learning into your day job. You may have taken some initial management training when you started your career and now need to refresh those skills. Learning small things on a regular basis can get you there.

The event speaker, Tim Woodman, from Cambridge Network training partner, ML&C is developing the initial Micromastery concept further with Robert Twigger and applying the techniques in a new programme ‘Micromastery for Business.’ Designed for the 21st Century and the realities of a fast-paced world where time and business pressures are acute, this programme aims to explore the key principles and practice of management which deliver the greatest return on investment, and to equip you with the key management skills you need to perform  beyond expectations in your role.

What is Micromastery?

Micromastery is a small, self-contained bit of learning – it could be mastering the perfect omelette, an eskimo roll in a kayak, whatever! It’s a way to focus at that moment, an ‘in-depth, laser-like focus’, so you master that new skill.

This breakfast event will;

  • Give you the chance to find out if this style of learning is for you
  • Help you to understand the concept and to introduce it to your staff
  • Launch the new programme in Cambridge
  • Give you a free book! Micromastery, co-authored by Tim Woodman (coach with ML&C & author of Mastering Management without an MBA and Robert Twigger (polymath and author of Micromastery)

Who should attend?

  • Newly promoted managers who need to get up to speed fast
  • Middle to senior managers who perhaps have had little or no formal training and/or need to put management theory to practical work
  • Experienced managers who wat to refresh/sharpen their skills
  • HR and L&D Managers responsible for booking training for their staff
  • Anyone wanting to learn this new way of learning


  • 8am – Registration and networking over coffee and breakfast
  • 8:30am – Speaker – Time Woodman, Management Learning & Coaching
  • 9:30am – Further networking and a chance to follow up with the speaker
  • 10am – Event close

To register your attendance for this event please follow the link provided on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact the organiser directly, please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.