The theme for this breakfast event revolves around the challenges and opportunities that content writers used to writing technical documents can encounter when moving into a different content role, focused on product features and benefits. 

Are you a technical writer with ambitions to move into writing product and marketing content? Or perhaps you’re already writing product and marketing content but come from a technical writing background? Or do you have to move ninja-like between the two roles? This may have been a challenge or something you wanted to do.

Changes in roles can mean a positive transition for both you and your company as you setting into nee directions. Or it may be that the two different disciplines – technical writer and marketer – require completely different skillset. A technical writer may be translating complex information from engineers in order to educate end users of the product. A marketer may be liaising with engineers to translate the key benefits of the end product to the consumer. Your audiences will be completely different and may require very different language. Still, many people move from one disciple to another and if this has been your experience Cambridge Network would love to hear from you.

What to expect during this event

You’ll hear first from such a writer who moved her career from a pure technical role to leading the Product Content team at her company. Then the floor will be open for questions, comments and then the event will finish with an opportunity to network.

Please note that this event will have an introductory talk to set the scene but it is hoped that it will be a forum for discussion and that you will meet many like-minded people in the same situation.

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