Your company branding is more than a logo, it is the encapsulation of your company’s proposition, values and beliefs. 

Demonstrating what you branding stands for is crucial for potential new recruits.

This talk, by KISS Communications and Go Vocal Video will show you what you can do to improve your brand.

Strong brands build culture, drive innovation, improve productivity, enable better decision-making and increase staff retention. The event’s two speakers will talk about building a brand to show you company culture whilst, attracting talent and increasing staff retention.


The first speaker will be Karen Guyer, Account Director at creative agency KISS Communications. KISS believes in putting the customer experience at the heart of their strategy and creativity, and feels that bringing your company to life through branding is one of the most effective ways to drive awareness and build equity in your business.

Karen will discuss:

  • Why branding is important – it’s more than a logo
  • The power of emotion – we’re all people, businesses engage with emotional messages to
  • Brand articulation – why ‘why’ is important
  • Know your audience – understand their needs and tailor key messages
  • Bringing the brand to life – build a brand language that builds the proposition

The second speaker will be Paul Gibson, Producer at Go Vocal Video, will highlight how video can help you attract the right people to work for you. Recruiting the right people who fit into your team and organisation is one of the most challenging and costly tasks for a business. While the costs of the recruitment process are high, the cost to the candidate in joining the ‘wrong’ company can also be very stressful; it is important for the potential candidates to know what they are getting into before the start.

Using film to promote your brand, advertise roles and most importantly show potential candidates, who you are and what you stand for  is  a  fast-growing and cost-effective solution. Film also has the potential to be shared and  is more likely to be passed on than text or photos. The talk will be illustrated with several successful recruitment films.


  • 8am Registration and networking over breakfast
  • 8:30am Speakers & Q&A
  • 9:30am Further networking and follow up
  • 10am Close

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