Want to know more about the value of a brand? Want to create an established brand that’s recognised and trusted, either locally, nationally or on a global scale?

Come and gain free insight and free advice on your brands including your company brand, product brands, and what to do when competitors infringe your brands.

Dr Nick Milner will talk about how brands open up the jaws of the sales pipeline, increase win rates and reduce costs. With experience of creating and developing tech brands including Concert, Azure, TechEast and Innovation Martlesham, Nick will talk about how to develop your brand to support sales and company valuation.

Brands lawyer, Nellie Jackson, will focus on the practical considerations when choosing, building and protecting a company brand, product or service to help you stay one step ahead and avoid the not so obvious (but costly) pitfalls.

Topics covered will include clearance searches, registering a trade mark and basic brand enforcement and maintenance strategies.