Productivity is the purest indicator of how well resources are being utilised within organisations – and the UK is lagging behind and performing worse than all but one of the G7 countries. This needs to change in order for us to compete both at home and overseas.

A recent research paper by the London School of Economics, commissioned by Vodafone UK, examined productivity and explored what businesses could do to tackle it.–Power-of-Productivity—LSE-report.pdf

The report concluded that, as the world becomes more automated and with technology driving most business areas, companies of all sizes need to adapt to this changing environment in order to continue growing and to remain competitive.

In the wake of this groundbreaking research, Insider and Vodafone UK are organising a roundtable event in Cambridge. This will bring together a group of leaders from Cambridge-based businesses to test the water on their performance against their growth strategies and what more they can do to improve efficiency, realign their workforce practices and become more productive.

Discussion points to include:

• Workforce flexibility

• Management practices

• Technology drivers

• Connectivity issues

The thoughts, insights and conclusions from the Cambridge Productivity Roundtable will be disseminated in a special report that will go out on Insider’s popular Central & East newsletter shortly afterwards which is read by business leaders and influencers across the region.