The Andersons  Centre are pleased to be hosting the annual farming seminar. The event will include the latest updates in the agricultural sector including the Annual Report. 

As Brexit approaches the UK Farming Industry will be looking to see how the  upcoming changes will impact on their businesses and particularly on planning what economic decisions to make for the best.


  • 9am Arrival and Registration
  • 9:30am Introduction
  • 10am UK Farming – Profitability and Performance
    • Farm profitability – current returns and future prospects
    • Capital position of agriculture, including land price trends
    • Agriculture and the wider economy – growth, exchange rates, inflation etc.
  • 10:30am  Brexit and Policy Update
    • The Brexit saga – where are we,  what might be the outcome, and what are the implications for UK farming?
    • Other policy – BPS, rural grants, renewables etc.
  • 11:25am  Coffee
  • 11:40am Arable Sector
    • Combinable crops market outlook – supply and demand
    • Farm level issues, including Loam Farm profitability, and rental levels
    • Other cropping sectors – roots, vegetables and fruit
  • 12pm Dairy sector
    • Milk markets (domestic and global), prospects for the future
    • Production systems and the wider dairy sector
    • Friesian Farm figures and implications on-farm
  • 12:20pm Grazing Livestock Sector
    • Red-meat market outlook
    • Profitability – Meadow Farm results, hill farming and business improvement
  • 12:35pm Intensive Livestock Sector
    • Pig and poultry sector analysis and outlook
  • 12:50pm What does all this mean?
    • Implications for farmers, agri-business, rural professionals and the supply chain
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 2pm Event close

To register your attendance for this event please follow the link provided on the right hand side.  Alternatively to get in contact with the organiser directly please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.