Marketing your small business, when there’s no-one to do it but you.

  • Claire Twaites, Head of Marketing Communications at Allia
  • Sally Bain, Marketing Communications Manager at Allia
  • Emily Fradd, Digital Marketing Officer at Allia

Whatever question you’re struggling with, whatever sales or marketing opportunity you’re weighing up, when you’re a small business with ambitions to grow, it’s good to have a view about what will have most impact.

Come and talk to the Allia marketing team ( Claire, Emily and Sally ) who live and breathe marketing and they’ll do their best to give you a common-sense answer to anything you want, whether it’s a digital question, a question of strategy or simply how to get into the local press.

They’ve got old heads and young heads in the team, years of combined marketing experience in the 3rd sector, but plenty more to boot: business to business, business to consumer, retail, local government, corporate. They even have experience of starting and growing a small business.

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