Allia are continuing their mission to create a thriving and engaging work environment for businesses, large and small, in the Peterborough area, so are pleased to announce another session of ‘Expert Hour’.

These one-hour sessions will see the Future Business Centre play host to a variety of business experts as they give their time to advise business owners and managers on their subject of expertise.

It’s an opportunity for you to grab 10-15 minutes of information and advice on specific topics or issues pertinent to your business.

The next valuable session will be with Jennifer Cramb, Director, from Viveka, whoc will be presenting on Business Coaching & Consulting.

Viveka Coaching & Consulting Ltd. “Need help to move your business forward”?

Following a senior level career with KPMG and in the UK rail industry, Jennifer has been running her consultancy and coaching business for the past 14 years based in Peterborough. She has worked with BGL, Vivacity, Peterborough City Council and Nene Park Trust.

If you would like to speak about any of the following, then Jennifer would be delighted to meet you:


  • Successful organisation change
  • Building a positive culture
  • Engaging people with change
  • Focused development programmes for leaders and managers to increase performance.


  • Getting the most from your role and your career
  • Handling pressure and maintaining resilience
  • Mindfulness for focus and performance; and much more…

If you would like to know more about Viveka then please check out their website:

If you would like to book a 10-15 minute slot for specific advice or questions or have any queries prior to attending please contact the events team.