This event will introduce you to local and national funding steams and provide  inspiring case studies to help inspire development of new Smart Farming innovations and help make your technology business or farm smarter. 

The public, private and charitable sectors have a range of support mechanisms to help agri0tech R&D, business growth, travel, training and to facilitate collaborations.

In the final workshop in partnership with Smart-AKIS agri-tech East will be looking at some of the options available for smart farming innovations and development – for which other areas of agri-tech can also be eligible for support.

The proceedings will start by showcasing a selection of funding opportunities from public, private and agricultural charities.

By the end of the session you will have a feel for which instrument is the right one for your  needs – be it discovery research, development of a new technology ‘or growth of your agri-tech business.

Agri-tech East will also look at the different requirements from the public and private sector and how angel and venture capitalist investors view agri-tech innovation.

As well as this they will be hearing from the small  but influential agricultural charities offering support to farmers, scientists and engineers for new research, travel and training to tool yourself up with the latest in smart farming.

Then you can meet some of those who have been through the process and are able to give first hand tips about how to access different types of finance, as well as sharing their latest ideas and innovators.


  • 10.00 Coffee and Registration
  • 10.30 Welcome and Introduction
    • Belinda Clarke, Director, Agri-Tech eAST
    • Dave Tinker, partner, Smart-AKIS project and Secretary General, EurAgEng
  • 11.15 Funding Opportunities – Public, Private and Charitable
    • 11.20 Martin Lutman Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative
    • 11.35 Jan Stringer Knowledge Transfer Partnership Coordinator, East /of England
    • 11.50 Andrew McLay, Innovative Lead, Primary Agriculture, Innovate UK
    • 12.05 Andy Cureton, Head of Business Engagement, BBSRC
    • 12.15 Alan Plom, Secretary, Douglas Bomford Trust
  • 12.30 Lunch and Networking
  • 13.30 Collaborations with Industry
  • Plenary Speaker: Thomas Engel, Manager, Technology Innovation Strategy, John Deere
  • 14.00 Case  studies and Top Tips
  • 14.45 Panel Session
  • 16.00 Event close

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