Agri-Tech East – Back to the Future for Sustainable Farming (REAP 2017)

The theme for the 2017 REAP agri-tech conference is ‘Today’s Knowledge Meet’s Tomorrow’s Technology’, focusing on emerging agri-tech to secure a profitable and sustainable future.

It’s a strong line-up, with representatives from Marks & Spencer, John Deere, and Defra to name a few. The keynote is Maria ‘Pilu’ Giraudo, a ‘no-till’ farmer coordinating policies at the Ministry of Agroindustry for Argentina.

There will also be a technology exhibition.

Soil tillage has led to soil erosion at rates that threaten sustainable food supply. As a result, farming practices that work with nature are gaining momentum.

But for the whole value chain to embrace this challenge we need a dialogue based on good science, relevant metrics and consistent standards.

At REAP we are looking at how today’s best practice is being enhanced by emerging agri-tech.

Early adopters share their experiences from the field, regulators outline future strategy, and researchers and technologists provide insights into emerging agri-tech developments.

Further details, including speakers, programme, exhibition, sponsors and ticket purchases can be found on the website, using the link on the right hand side.