Agri-Tech East is hosting a DEFRA workshop to provide an opportunity for everyone with an interest in agri-tech to help shape the future delivery of funding. 

The aim is to gather views from the ecosystem of the current delivery options for funding, the lessons learnt and the value achieved and to look at ways to improve in the future. The FREE workshop is open to all and will be held immediately before the Blockchain Pollinator.

The Secretary of State  Michael Gove outlined the government’s vision for agriculture in a speech to the Oxford Farming Conference  in January. This provided a taster of the Government’s Command Paper on the future of farming, to be published later this year:

In summary, the four key areas of his address were:

  • Develop a coherent policy on food that integrated the needs of consumers, agriculture businesses, the environment, public health and other enterprises
  •  Give farmers and land managers the tools to prepare properly for the changes that are coming
  • To use the  concept of  ‘public money for public goods’ to create a new method of financial support for farmers that rewards good stewardship
  • To ensure that natural capital thinking is built into the government’s approach to promote good decision-making over land use and sustainable management of assets.

The workshop will bring delegates up to speed on the latest policy developments and  provide an overview of possible new incentives for industry to invest in innovation and new technologies to increase their profitability.

These proposals could include:

  • Collaborative grants for R&D FUNDS
  • Catalyst projects
  • Research through industry focused PhD fund
  • Capital Investment

The aim is to gather views on the current delivery options, the lessons learnt and the value achieved and to look at ways to improve the future.

To register your attendance at the FREE event please follow the link provided  on the right hand side. Alternatively, to contact the organiser directly, please use the contact information also provided on the right hand side.