Every employer needs to understand how best to manage long term absence; every year in the UK there are more than 900,000 workplace absences of four weeks or more.

The Government’s Fit for Work scheme in England and Wales which will provide new help in dealing with long term absence of 4 weeks or more through a voluntary return to work occupational health support service for employers and employees.

This new scheme affects every employer, even if you have your own occupational health scheme in place therefore it’s essential that you’re up to date with the changes.

Find out what you need to know, including how to access the service, what changes you need to make to your policies, what new financial help is available to employers, how it works if you have your own occupational health scheme, and what new support is available to employers. We’ll also be sharing our thoughts and best practice on how to work positively with your employees to ensure their effective return to the workplace.