Difficult staff behaviour seems to be a growing problem in many organisations. Most people behave well most of the time, but problems can develop in the workplace with staff that show extreme, persistent and difficult behaviour.

Business need

This unique workshop develops understanding and strategies to help managers and HR staff at all levels manage this small but very toxic group of any workforce.

Important note – This workshop looks at extreme difficult and manipulative behaviours that go beyond the plain awkward.

Suitable For

HR Professionals
Line Managers and supervisors
Business owners
Anyone who just doesn’t know where to start with this issue


This workshop seeks to cover the following:

Understanding extreme difficult behaviour (EDB)
Understanding how staff develop in to an EDB
Identifying the “Predator from the Prey”
Awareness of difficult personality types

The course will:

Develop strategies to manage extreme difficult behaviour in the workplace
Use of an active case study to identify language and behaviour of an EDB
Recognise key warning signs to help tackle extreme difficult behaviour at an early stage.

Course Tutor – Martin Smith PhD

Martin is an accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, a life member of the Open University Psychological Society and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

A senior lecturer in psychotherapy at Nottingham Trent University and independent training consultant, he specialises in extreme difficult behaviour in the workplace and personality issues which go well beyond simply awkward.

An Acas senior adviser will co-deliver this event, offering best practice workplace advice.