The legal landscape and how it affects your business or workplace, is constantly evolving and never more so than now.

This Employment Law Update will bring you up to date on changes and also looks ahead to what is on the horizon; a key consideration for business planning. Their experienced trainers explain the changes in a practical and straightforward way which helps you consider the impact for your organisation.

Business need:

Employment Law is one of the most complex and regularly modified parts of the legal system. Legislation can be introduced, amended or repealed and when consultations and case law are added, it makes for a complex picture.

Keeping abreast of the issues helps you steer your business away from litigation and potential financial penalties. By developing a familiarity of the emerging landscape of employment law you can develop strategies which improve employment relations, reduce risk and increase organisational resilience.

This course gives you a good grounding on changes to current legislation and provides insight into upcoming changes in the law – enabling your business to stay informed, legally compliant and prepared.