2015 brings the biggest shake up in maternity and paternity rights in recent times. Learn about all the changes to parental leave and what you need to do to manage the process fairly in your organisation.

Balancing the needs of new parents and the needs of the business has always been challenging for managers. Getting things wrong can prove costly and result in claims of discrimination. This training course gives you the information and knowledge you need to ensure that you understand and can comply with the new legislation.

From April 2015 new parents will have access to a fully flexible system of parental leave (subject to Parliamentary approval). New mothers and their partners will be able to take up to 52 weeks of leave in total, to be shared between them either in alternating blocks or taken together. The purpose of this new system is to enable both parents to maintain an attachment to the workplace whilst taking on an active caring role for their new child.

Employees expecting babies in April 2015 will qualify, so you can expect enquiries on shared leave in the Autumn. Make sure you fully understand this complex process and that your own policies and procedures are updated to reflect the changes and that line managers are briefed in time.

We will cover the essentials of what shared parental leave is and what the employment rights are under the new rules. We will discuss who qualifies for it, how it works, and who is eligible to take shared parental leave. We will go through the notification procedure explaining how to handle requests discussing when leave can and cannot be taken under the new rules.

We will cover best practice and the business benefits of having early discussions with employees when facing the challenge of accommodating patterns of leave for two parents and two employers.

Please note: This event focuses solely on the new Shared Parental Leave system and therefore assumes that delegates have an existing working knowledge of maternity, paternity and adoption rights as they will not be covered on this training course.