A Woman of Confidence is an interactive workshop designed to help you develop strategies for managing your self-doubt, growing your confidence and demonstrating your true potential and is suitable for all professional women. 

The session will be perfect for you if you feel that self doubt and lack of confidence is:

  • Holding you back in your career
  • Stopping you from applying for a new role
  • Causing you to ruminate over past events
  • Fuelling anxiety about your future
  • Preventing you from speaking up or saying ‘no’
  • Preventing you from saying ‘yes’ to opportunities
  • Making you ‘play small’ at work or in your business
  • Diminishing your voice
  • Sabotaging your progress in any way

You’ll leave the workshop with:

  • A range of strategies for managing your self-doubt
  • Techniques for boosting you physical confidence
  • An understanding¬† of how to demonstrate confidence at work and in business
  • An idea of your confidence ‘hotspots’ and a confidence success routine to help you feel at your best when you feel challenged


  • 6:00pm – 6:45pm Registration, networking and buffet
  • 6:45pm – 8:45pm Interactive Workshop
  • 8:45pm Event Close

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