This event will explore the design and optimisation of the macro cell layer and its role within future heterogeneous networks. 

About the event

There’s plenty of talk about small cells and their role in future heterogeneous networks, however there’s little mention of the evolution of macro cells. The macro layer comprises most of today’s deployed cellular radio sites which range from rooftops, towers, masts, columns, poles and wall mounted installations. The network often comprises of a range of macro cell sizes, from large macros to mini and targeted micro-cells.

Sessions will discuss:

  • network planning
  • base station design
  • RF
  • transmission lines
  • antenna systems
  • the trend towards tower top electronics
  • massive MIMO
  • wider radio channels
  • higher frequency bands


  • Colin Bryce – Director Mobile Network Engineering – Europe – CommScope
  • George Grayland – Senior Solutions Manage, Nokia
  • Andy Sutton – Principal Network Architect, British Telecommunications

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