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The 2018 International Business Festival celebrates business, through unmissable conferences, seminars and bespoke business brokerage meetings. 

How long has it been established?

In 2014, the International Business Festival was established as a biennial event that brought some of the world’s most ambitious businesses under one roof to make valuable connections happen.

The festival captured the diversity and dynamism of  the global marketplace. It hosted more than 100 individual events, from international conferences to intimate seminars

In 2016, the second International  Business Festival welcomed more than  30,000 attendees from around the world.

Why should I attend?

People attend for many reasons, to do deals, to be inspired, to make connections and enjoy an  exciting and engaging programme of expert panels, practical workshops and high-profile keynote addresses.

The festival has given a platform to some of the biggest and most influential names in their fields to share expertise and let delegates in on their success stories.

Over three weeks, the 2018 International  Business Festival will showcase the world of business as it is today, through an exceptional programme of conferences and seminars. Each will feature input from leading authorities in their fields, promising a range of contrasting and insightful views. It’s what gives the festival its lively atmosphere memorable debates and lasting value.

It will also help businesses get to grips ‘with new markets, including China, India and the Americas. True lands opportunity, where savvy businesses can secure substantial growth.

The event will feature an international marketplace, festival incubator, TED style talks from leading business minds, an innovation hub and brokered business meetings to make new deals happen. If you’re looking to shake up your business, access new markets, grow, develop, innovate and network there’s no better event for you than the 2018 International Business Festival.

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