Training and supporting your staff is vital to the success of your business in terms of boosting productivity and staff morale. An employee will feel much more incentivised if they know you’re willing to invest in them. That’s worth more than the cash you’ll spend on this.

Drafting an employee development plan is a good place to start because you can both discuss what results you want from the staff training, and focus on exactly what type of course(s) will be the most beneficial.

Once a programme of action is agreed, you can start research to find the most appropriate courses. There are a good number of schemes and organisations that can help, including:

  1. Grants and bursaries which don’t have to be repaid
  2. Professional and Career Development Loans – reduced interest rate loans where the government pays the interest while studying takes place
  3. Discretionary Learner Support – for people 19 or over
  4. Advanced Learning Loans – for people 24 or over

Employees may have the right to time off work for training, so make sure you know the facts.

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