LEP Summit announced

Jun 2017

Part of the half day event will be a Question Time-style debate. This will offer the business owners in attendance a rare opportunity to ask the questions on topics that really matter to them.


May 2017 |

Please could you spare 5 minutes to answer a few questions about your business and help Anglia Ruskin University provide more support to businesses like yours in the future?

Budget Marketing – How to get the best bang for your buck when you’re just starting out

May 2017 |

When I made the decision to start my own business, one of the first lessons I learnt was how to promote my services on a minimal to non-existent budget!

Important Cyber Security announcement

May 2017

Government Update: Since the global coordinated ransomware attack on thousands of private and public sector organisations across dozens of countries on Friday, there have been no sustained new attacks of that kind.

Top 5 HR issues in SMEs – and how to solve them

May 2017

Follow these top HR tips and queries for SMEs.
Holiday entitlement and calculations
Undoubtedly one of the top HR issues we receive queries on across all our clients is holiday entitlement, particularly for those who don’t work full time hours.